26 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Size of Baby: 14 inches head to toe -about the length of a burp cloth
Weight Gain/Loss: Holding at 10 lbs, but with how fast he is growing, I won't be too surprised to see the number go up a lot at my next doctor's appointment!
Gender: Boy - Jefferson Lee
Movement: Oh yes...a lot! I was beginning to think he was a lot lower key than Harrison, but ha! I was wrong! This little guy is opinionated, territorial, and likes to spread out! He also loves to hear Matt and Harrison wrestling and playing. It's like he knows he is missing out and can't wait to join in the ruckus!
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of tops, some regular jeans, regular dresses(thanks to the long flowy styles this season), and maternity shorts and capris
Cravings: Jelly Belly's! (The pear and coconut flavors!)
Symptoms: Low back pain at the end of very active days- I didn't think that started until later in pregnancy. (I guess it's a different game after your first pregnancy!)
Best Moment of The Week: Having Harrison get excited on his own about the things he can do to help with Jefferson. He also can't wait to watch "Cars" with him!
All of my burp rags (the length of Jefferson this week) are up in storage and I did not get around to digging them out. So here is big brother who wanted to get it on the baby belly shots this week. Take One resulted in his "cool face" pose above. (Not sure what that is, but that's what he calls it.) Take Two-smiles!


  1. I love your pic (you look stunning in that dress by the way)! I wish I could see the Baby Jefferson Bump getting bigger in person, but at least I can see pictures!! Miss you guys and know we are praying for you!


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