Hunting Eggs

While in Pensacola, Harrison's very thoughtful Aunt Megan and Uncle Matt gave him an Easter Egg hunt! What two-year-old wouldn't love a custom egg hunt complete with candy and enough loot to make a pirate happy! As soon as he realized the eggs opened and had candy in them, the hunt took a whole new turn! For the rest of the hunt his cheeks remained happily packed with brightly colored Easter candy. This was one very happy egg hunter! His little competitive side came out as he determined to find each candy filled egg. I'd have to say he was pretty good at it, and he was much too good at cracking them open and popping the candy in his mouth before we could stop him! At the end of the hunt, Harrison had an amazing basket of goodies waiting for him. He was so excited to pull out each thing! Thank you Uncle Matt and Aunt Megan for my Easter Egg hunt and basket! - Harrison


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