I Will Follow

Harrison's favorite song lately is Chris Tomlin's "I Will Follow".
Maybe it's the rythym, maybe it's the funny way I sound when I sing it around the house, but this guy loves listening to the song.

I'm glad he likes the song because as we both sing and listen to it the words become more meaningful, beyond just memorization. We find it becomes a prayer almost, for the way we strive to live and the way we want our boys to live.

Harrison is all personality and quite the leader. I am excited to see how God uses these qualities as He forms him into the man He will be. I rejoice over the fruit that will grow from the seeds planted in him from things like the words of this song.

"Where You go, I'll go...Where You stay, I'll stay...When You move, I'll move..I will follow You. Who You love, I'll love...How You serve, I'll serve, If this life I lose, I will follow You. In You there is life everlasting, in You there is freedom for my soul, in You there is joy ending joy and I will follow You"


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