Since I was a little girl, fall time was when we loaded up and drove into the mountains to pick apples. We ate about as many as we hauled out of the orchards.Then we would drive back home dreaming of the apple things we would be feasting on in the days to come. Apple pie, apple sauce, baked apples, fried apples, apples and dip, apple I making you hungry?We started the tradition with Harrison the year he was born and it has been a fun, much look forward to family event. But when we moved away we didn't think we would be able to be involved in the annual trip.Thanks to a lot of little details God worked out, we were able to join in the apple picking fun anyway and we had a blast taking Harrison for his third time and Jefferson's first time!Jefferson hung out (literally) while we picked, and ate. Harrison ate way more than he picked and he had a blast doing it. He ran all over trying apples on various trees declaring them, "delicious!"Maybe you get all nostalgic when you're a mom, or maybe it's because we are so far from family that every cherished event is special, but we really enjoyed being a part of this year's apple picking day and we are so glad it worked out for us to go. Watching my boys enjoy something I enjoyed at their age is really special and I can't wait to share more traditions.


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