Indian Summer

It's late October and thoughts of warm apple cider and cuddling under down blankets are somewhat unappealing.
When we got back from the beach there were a few days that teased us with colder temperatures...enough to pull out long pants, but since then we have had gorgeous sunny weather.
Knowing that the dreaded cold is right around the corner, the boys and I head outside pretty much every day to take full advantage of the warm sun. No vitamin D deficiencies here.
We have walked miles to discover every playground in the area and now Harrison knows where each one is. He will tell me what direction to walk to go to the playground with the equipment he would like that day.
As much as I hate to see the last of these warm days, I am enjoying each one as they come and soaking up every last memory with my boys. They are growing and changing so fast, just like the seasons. I don't want to waste my time missing what I have while I still have it.
But I have to admit, even though I may not be a fan of the cold, I am looking forward to some cold weather things and sharing them with my boys. Like baking apple pies, art projects with leaves, collecting acorns, butternut squash, and all the memories these things will bring.


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