Once Upon A Time

We were two starry eyed dreamers, my sister and I. We would lie awake in our bed dreaming up our prince charmings, the way we would say "Yes, I'll marry you,", and imagining our wedding dresses. We let the sappy love songs carry us away as we longed for the day we would be in our future husband's arms. And then we waited for our happily ever afters to begin. My sister has longed to be a bride since she was two years old. She has prepared and trained to be a keeper of the home, to cherish and support her husband, and train her children in the way they should go. She waited and waited for her beloved but he did not come when we dreamed he would. My sister watched as I walked down the aisle. She watched as I held my firstborn son and then my second son. She longed, and waited for her prince, but he did not come. My incredible dreamer sister then surrendered her story to God, who picked up His pen. And when she let go of the chapters in her heart, he re-wrote better then we dreamed.
God took her blank pages and scripted a love story of His perfect design. I had longed for her to know a man's love and she had longed to be that man's love, but until we let go God could not work. He started her "Once Upon a Time" and in walked her beloved, the man beyond her dreams, and he put his ring on her finger and made my sister his bride.
I love seeing her dreams come true. I love seeing God write her love story far beyond what we could have imagined back when we were starry eyed girls. I love seeing her with the man who will complete her. I love seeing her gaze at the ring on her finger claiming her as her beloved's. And I love seeing my my little sister a bride living her "Once upon a time..."


  1. Thanks for making me cry Meg! I love you dearly! I am missing you so much and loved the fact that we were able to share all of our dreams together! I love you and cant wait to be able to share more of our dreams together!

  2. I love my sister too. You reminded me that while each person has their own life story there is a greater power, an author who lays out the path.


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