3 Months

Dear Jefferson, you are three months old now and while that is still very young, I see you try more and more each day to keep up with your big brother. You love to watch Harrison play and you try to bat at him and "talk" to him.

You absolutely love to be outside. Your favorite is to lay on your back and look up at the blue sky with the clouds going by. We make a great team because this is one of my favorite outdoor activities. You are not a fan a raindrops hitting your face or blustery winds, but you are mesmerized with leaves falling.

You are getting so good at communicating! You let us know when you want to be held and who you want to hold you. You are sometimes very picky leaning out of one of our arms for the other parent. You smile huge when we come to pick you up from nursery and you holler at Daddy to include you when he is wrestling with Harrison.

You are in 6 month clothing, size 2 diapers, and starting to fit into some of Harrison's shoes he wore around 6 months. You can sit propped up and you love that vantage point. You like to be carried on my hip now so you can see out and I have a feeling you have a streak of independence.

You like to snuggle in the evenings and you are "talking" more every day. Yesterday was your exact three month birthday and you laughed for the first time! It was one of my most favorite sounds! Daddy was giving you zerberts (aka, raspberries) on your tummy and you just laughed and laughed! You are a sweet little man and we love you so very much! We have felt so blessed to get to know you these past three months and we look forward to all that is yet to come!


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