Ten Months

Jefferson, it did it again, another 30 days have flown by and you are another 30 days bigger, stronger, faster, and funnier.You are ten months old today and I still cannot figure out how ten months went by so fast.
You are turning into a little boy and quickly leaving baby Jefferson in the dust. You are crawling everywhere, climbing up on everything, and getting into anything you aren't supposed to. You've been found inside cabinets, splashing in the toilet, and dumping out boxes of baking soda...all with a huge smile.
You want to stay right by your big brother and are happiest when you can be playing together,especially cars. Harrison can make you crack up laughing, which gets all of us in stitches. You love for Harrison to pretend to fall down, make explosions and car crash noises, and to rip paper. You love playing tackle with him and Daddy.
Your little personality, sir, is something else! You can turn on the charm and grin shyly with a slight wave, then a few seconds later you will pout and hide your face in the crook of your arm if you don't like what we have to say. You love to cuddle, give hugs, high fives, clap, and say "Yay!" You say dada, mama, light, hi, and all done. You can sign, all done, more, please, thank you, and light.
At your check-up a few weeks ago you were just under 21lbs. and 32 inches long. You are in size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. You are in size 2-3 shoes. You love to eat whatever we are eating, but your favorites are grilled chicken, grapes, peas, rice, smoothies, oatmeal, eggs, and granola.
Jefferson, you are quite the charmer and leave everyone in love with your sweet smiles and playfulness. You are so laid back and go with the flow. You are always up for an adventure, literally, as you try to crawl out of the house if you see an open door. You are so loved and we couldn't be more proud of the little man you are. We love you our big ten month old!


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