Going Clean

As a family we have turned our backs on all processed, preserved, and pre-packaged foods. We are embracing foods in their simplest forms without adding to or taking away. We are going "clean". Clean eating basically means...if all ingredients aren't whole natural foods, it's not clean.
This has been a good transition as we feel healthier, have more energy, and honestly have smaller appetites as our bodies run more efficiently on the whole foods we were created to utilize as energy.We aren't going overboard with clean eating, but it is our first choice for the majority of our meals and snacks.
Though more time consuming as most clean eating foods need hands on prep and don't come in kid friendly little bags, we have had fun re-inventing our old mass produced favorites and becoming addicted to some new edible loves.
But as with most kids, how was I to get my boys to embrace a huge plate of raw spinach? I don't even like raw spinach, or a lot of raw veggies in fact...so we've found new ways to get our veggie quota while being kid (and adult) approved.
These smoothies are protein packed since we make ours with Greek yogurt. They rely on a good serving of antioxidant rich blueberries and iron heavy spinach. These frozen goodies are a nutrition punch and perfect for any time of day.
We make a huge batch and freeze the left-overs in popsicle molds for post-workout goodies and hot day treats. Harrison begs me to make these smoothies and has no problem sucking down the spinach...I honestly can't even tell it's in there.
This recipe is a "make it your way"...but this is the base we found and use most often. It's been fun to teach the boys about healthy fuel for our bodies as we mix and create new whole flavors together...especially if it involves frozen treats!

There are no exact measurements...just don't overfill your blender...not that we've done that or anything :)

Several handfuls of spinach
Coconut milk
Frozen peaches, frozen blueberries, and a frozen banana
Plain unsweetened Greek yogurt
Honey - enough to sweeten to your taste

Blend until smooth...enjoy! Freeze left-overs for amazing clean-eating popsicles.


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