Crazy Is The New Calm

So far I've learned boys don't care much for calm and still least my boys. 
 Story time, coloring, playing with blocks...ha! Story time becomes wrestle time, coloring becomes tearing paper into 1000 bits to pretend you blew it up, and blocks are turned into hand grenades.
But I'm not a very still person myself so maybe that's why the boys and I make it work pretty well.
We learn hands-on, hands-in, and hands covered in something muddy, sticky, or slimy.
I know I've got a lot to learn still about raising these men, but we are making some fun memories as we all grow together.
We get muddy from slipping on river banks, and get sore thumbs from practicing nail and hammer skills as we build memories and relationships.
And you know, in the midst of boys with capes tied around their necks and flipping each other head over heels in a wrestling match, I cherish every moment...every single hyper, never still, loud and crazy moment.


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