The Giving Gift

One of the, (389 million), disadvantages of not being near family is that Harrison has no idea how this present concept works.
See, when you miss out on Christmas, birthdays, milestones, and achievements with Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, you have to make up for it...all at once.
So the precious few visits we get with family also have multiple presents occasions packed in. At this point Harrison has learned gifts and visits come hand in hand.
I have to admit that one of my favorite things as a parents is seeing my child's delight upon receiving a new toy, but one of my least favorite parts was watching a monster of greed start growing.
When Harrison's "gimmies" were getting out of control it was time for a reality check. First we established that we are blessed to bless again. We educated Harrison on the many children who don't receive new toys due to poverty, being orphaned, or neglect.
Afterwards our sweet little man spent some time getting all toys from every crevice of the house, the attic, the bathtub, under the bed, and outside. We lovingly went through each one and Harrison created his own "gifts" to give.
Our little man has a pile of toys to take to kids who "don't have new things to play wif and no presents eiver!" He made sure not to pick broken toys or ones with missing pieces since that would "make those kids sadder." We are very proud of this guy's growing heart as he learns the gift of blessing and giving.


  1. That's such a good idea! We may need to try that over here. ;)


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