Keepin' It Clean

One of the hardest things about our ditching the processed and refined was saying goodbye to instant oatmeal. Harrison could down a packet of strawberries and cream faster than I could make it.

So thanks to my sister's experimentation she created a clean version of the instant classic. Once we scarfed down our first batch we set out to experiment with other flavors to enjoy.

Our favorite these days is a tropical fruit mix. The boys can't get enough and to tell you the truth, neither can we! Knowing it's a healthy, wholesome breakfast, I'm more than happy to dish out seconds of this re-invented classic. 
Tropical Oatmeal

2 Cups fruit of choice...we use diced mangoes, pineapple, and bananas
1 1/2 Cups water
Bring to a low boil over Med/Hi heat
Add  1 1/2 Cups milk of choice...I use coconut
Puree mixture (I use our hand blender)
Bring back to soft boil over med/hi heat
Add 1 1/2 Cup Old fashioned or steel cut oats (not quick cooking)
Cook until oats soften, remove from heat to allow to thicken. 
Sweeten with agave or honey
Notes: Once I add the oats I use my hand blender to break them down in the fruit puree. This allows the oatmeal to cook faster and gives a consistency very close to instant oatmeal.
I also stir in plain Greek yogurt into our individual bowls to cool it down and give a nice protein kick and creamy consistency.


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