Growing Pains

Days have been a little long around here lately. Both Harrison and I are going through some growing pains as we figure out new bumps in the road of growing up. There have been some nights I collapse in bed and feel sad about the way they day went, the way it could have been, should have been instead. There are moments when I wonder if we'll figure out how to scale this wall together...without injuries.

But then I sneak back in my sleeping boys room and kiss his soft little forehead. I pray over him, I stroke his hair, and can't help but be breathless over the fact that God chose me for his mom. We are going to have plenty of off-moments and endless days, but the simple truth is, I'm glad he's the kid I get to have those off times with. Even in the growing pains he's an awesome little man and we'll grow together. So after a battle we regroup with cuddles and encouragement. We bandage the wounds and laugh. He gives me a hug and says he loves me and in that moment I see the man he's becoming. And that makes it all...worth it.


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