Summer Is a Comin'

It's finally here and we have embraced it.
It's our favorite and we have gone head over heels for all things summer.
Not much about this time of year we don't like.
Watermelon, corn on the cob, shish-ka-bobs, and berries.
Scraped knees, feet burning on the poolside concrete, and grass's all good.
Even Harrison has noted the smell before a thunderstorm and watching for the nightly appearance of lightening bugs.
The 90 degree days, the line drying pool towels, and my sunscreen sweaty boys make everything about this 3 month period just about perfect.
Stay tuned because this summer looks to be full of road trips, milestones, memories, and firsts. For now, I'm off to play lifeguard to my two summer lovin' boys.


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