Penny Jar

Harrison has a jar of pennies, or coins, or gold doubloons, or whatever he feels like calling it that day.
His jar sits on the counter in the kitchen in plain sight, for better or for worse.
The only way that jar gets any new coins, treasure, gold, whoziwhatzits, is for Harrison to go above and beyond.
He has to think outside the box and from his heart. It has to be acts of service and behavior that had no parental prompting, but rather came on its own.
Matt and I are quick to hand out the coins for opening doors for ladies in public, sharing a favorite toy with Jefferson, or meeting a need without being asked.
This kid knows we are watching and my dishwasher has been emptied, Jefferson has been looked out for, and his closet has been straightened.
His jar is emptied and counted most nights. At first he asked for more coins and preformed only to receive them. But a funny thing is happening.
Suddenly our little man stopped asking and just starts looking for opportunities to help out and serve. Now it's something he does with pleasure, and something we get to reward with another shiny penny and plenty of hugs and pride in our growing boy.


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