Out To Lunch

I can still remember the day we discovered life wasn't over just because we were parents. We had been trapped at home for weeks thinking we could never go out until our newborn was grown, talking, walking, and educated.
We had been sequestered with our unpredictable baby, nervous that should we attempt to re-enter civilization he would at any moment start screaming his head off and we would be thrown out for disturbing the peace.
But we proved to ourselves that fateful afternoon that we did indeed have what it takes to order a meal, eat, and interact in our new roles as parents. And we've been enjoying some meals out ever since.
Don't get me wrong, any parents knows there are a few restaurant appearances we wish could be stricken from the record. The ones with the spilled drinks, thrown bread sticks, the didn't-get-their-nap-in-the-church-nursery meltdowns.
But for the most part our little gentlemen do a pretty good job. It sure is nice to not have panic attacks over heading into a restaurant to eat. These guys do a great job minding manners and bottling up their energy...to be used at their later convenience.


  1. Good job boys! Mine struggle some at restaurants. It's something we need to work on a bit. Haha. ;) And I know what you mean about that nervous "can I do this?" feeling. It's always nice when I realize I can (well most of the time, haha) handle these kiddos and go out in public. :)


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