Nothing in this world can quite prepare you for the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat. The loud thumping coming from the doppler giving proof to your little one's existence when they are barely inches long.
And then there is the heart squeezing moment when your baby takes his first breath of life and gives you the most beautiful sound on earth...his first cry. You pull that swaddled bundle against you as he wails, but no other sound is better.
And then that tiny red faced newborn starts getting round chubby cheeks and pudgy little fingers. His little newborn whimpers become full forced hollering, but it's ok, because your growing baby has also found his vocal skills in other areas.
That precious little baby is now babbling and cooing, talking a mile a minute about who knows what and hearing that precious little voice trying to get your attention is music to your ears.
And then comes the moment when those babbles take off and the first words come. Hearing that tiny little voice saying "Da-Da" and "Ma-Ma". It never gets old. It is the biggest privileged and blessing to be called mommy and I will cherish it always.


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