Simple Things

Amazing how we take little things for granted. Even during this time of year that we focus our attention on things we are thankful for, we still overlook simple things that make our lives easier, fuller, and more fun.Every night at bedtime we go around saying what we are thankful for. We have really tried to thank God for things we don't usually remember to show our gratitude about.But to Harrison it just comes naturally to spill out things we would think as simple, but make his life so rich and full.Harrison loves talking to God and telling him about the playground and being thankful for climbing on it, and sliding down the slide. He is thankful for his shoes, his matchbox cars, and paper towels to eat snack on.He thanks God for his water bottle, his leather belt, and goldfish crackers. He gets specific, detailed, and giddy as he tells his Heavenly Father all things He has given, provided, and blessed his little life with.It has been a blessing, and a lesson in gratitude for Matt and me as we listen to our two year old's thankful heart. What simple things are you thankful for?


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