Our Seasons

There is some serious football watching in our household. We pull out the buffalo wings and chips and dip. We dress head to toe in our team gear and we cheer and holler as our teams fight for a win.
Football season is always looked forward to, it sort of softens the blow that summer is ending and cold air is coming. In fact, it would be ok if we just had summer, football, basketball, and spring.And with my household of testosterone it more than likely will be this way as I prepare to be the "soccer mom". I'm pretty sure my seasons will revolve around shin guards and shoulder pads, catcher's mitts and Air Jordans....and I can not wait :)


  1. Love it! I'm with you on the testosterone filled house. We'll have 2 boys around here before too long, and I LOVE the fearless, fun energy. (I think Tirzah kind of fits right in with it too...that kiddo is definitely a tomboy like I was growing up. Haha)


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