From the time Harrison was about 6 months old he has dragged his beloved airplane blanket around behind him everywhere he goes. It's been in cars, on planes, on grass, in mud, in hotels, on the beach, in the mountains, zoos, and aquariums.Airplane is never far from our little man. It has been extremely loved and no matter how sticky, stinky, or stale the thing gets, to Harrison, it is perfect. We actually have three airplanes to rotate as they become dirty, though Harrison is unaware of the duplicates.Just recently he has started leaving it behind when we head out. Even more recently he leaves it in his bed when he gets up. I know this is part of growing up and I'm proud of the independent and confident little man he is. I'll miss his dragging airplane around, but I have another little guy following right along who is already attaching himself to his own "airplane".


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