"Thankool For..."

I love hearing Harrison pray. He speaks to God like he is sitting right at His feet, which in essence is the honor we have to come before the throne of God as we talk to him. His honest conversations with God teach me so much about prayer and most specifically about being thankful.
He thanks God for his favorite "Cars" cup, his new Hotwheels yellow race car, going down the slide real fast, and his Spiderman shoes. I think God must love to hear his genuine excitement and gratitude over these things in Harrison's life. It made me wonder why I don't thank God just as specifically.So with Thanksgiving approaching we are doing something around here to retrain our hearts and minds to have a thankfulness for even the seemingly little things. Every day we are talking about the specific things we are thankful for and than telling God. Today Harrison and I are thankful for our wagon to take walks in, a digital camera to take pictures with, a shower with clean water, and our toothbrushes. What specific things are you thankful for?


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