"E" is for Everything

This week in school we worked on learning the letter "E". This one was a stretch for us as so many "E" words in Harrison's vocabulary don't sound like the short vowel sound we were working one...words like earth, eye, and ear.So we pulled on the words with the short vowel sound that Harrison does know and kept incorporating them all week. We looked at car engines and then engineered a ramp for his cars.It took forever as Harrison kept saying for me to finish, but it was a great rainy day project and kept him entertained. We fixed eggs in several different ways this week and Harrison enjoyed helping to crack them...and then I enjoyed picking out shell :)Harrison worked hard to paint pictures and then we mailed them in envelopes. We went to the zoo and watched the elephants for a long time. They put on quite the show for us as if they knew Harrison was there to watch them.I know this is just a basic introduction to the alphabet and in the years to come we can explore the letter "E" a bit more. It was just a difficult one to keep him into everyday. But the letter "F"? well, that one I am exited about and I think Harrison will be too!


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