The Letter "F"

We had such a fun week with the letter "F"....I kinda had a feeling we would with all the fun things that start with the letter "F"!We learned all about fall and the changing leaves. We made foods with flour. We did things fast...which Harrison had no problem with. His autopilot is set to fast all the time.We made a fort and did our school inside it. We learned about our sense of touch and being able to feel if something is hot or cold.I learned my little man is quite the pyromaniac as we studied fire...well a pathetic flame withering in melted wax, but to him it might as well have been a raging inferno. (Please disregard his self applied watercolor paint goatee :)We watched Nemo (you know, the "fish movie"), he saw frogs in a stream, we counted forks at meal time as we set the table. "F" was a lot of fun...Harrison now thinks we need to do school in a fort from now on!


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