To revise my earlier musings on parenthood and the secret life therein, below are a few more insights especially when it comes to having more than one child. 1. Calm, relaxing showers are a thing of the past. You will have one ear constantly listening out for any mayhem which could ensure. Kids like to time this right about the time you have your face lathered with eye stinging soap.

2. Eating three meals a day is only achieved by your children. You on the other hand won't remember if you even ate breakfast, or lunch.3. Whether you have one or more kids, there will still be days where you won't remember if you brushed your teeth.
4. Quiet times are for your sanity.
5. Sometimes spoiling is perfectly ok and thoroughly enjoyed by you and your kids.
6. You will not remember a time before you started changing diapers
7. The noise level in the car increases...a lot.
8. Laundry never ends.
9. The laughter and smiles increase 100 fold.
10. You will be so full and blessed that you won't care about any of the little secrets of parenthood no one ever told you about.


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