In Secret

My two year old has taught me a valuable lesson. The biggest messes aren't the ones preceded with banging or chaos. No sirree, the biggest messes are the ones done in secret...quietly carried out by the guilty party. These messes are often contemplated, poorly executed, and are usually done with looking over one's shoulder for an authority figure.
Once caught the guilty party usually can't make excuses, hide, or pass the blame, they are caught red handed and the mess is typically quite large.
Amazing how quickly someone can create a mess so large, just a matter of seconds, but it made me think...
We create pretty big messes ourselves when we try to do things our own way instead of God's way. Our messes happen fast and are usually quite large. They may not involve cooking tongs and your Daddy's prized palm tree, but they will clean up a lot easier the sooner you confess and follow the plan God has.

Now I better go check on my very quiet two year old! :)


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