Kid Swim

I remember as a kid hating that moment the lifeguards would blow their whistles signaling the beginning of adult swim. We would all amble out of the pool and sit on the edge with our legs dangling longingly towards the water. We would stare at the one or two "adults" swimming leisurely through the water. Why all 80 of us had to get out for 2 people made no sense to me. So we watched the clock tick down the minutes until the lifeguard blew their whistles again and the tranquil water would be broken with hundreds of cannon ball jumps. We have been blessed to live in a communities with pools ever since Harrison was born. Every summer he is in the water from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Last night, Matt decided it was time to induct Jefferson into the water world. The best thing about these pools adult swim. Believe me, I understand the need for kid free moments, but the pool is not where I want to use that time. Maybe a long hot bubble bath, or a date night with my husband, but the pool is way too fun to enjoy with my boys. We had a blast last night, all four of us. Splashing and kicking all over the place. Jefferson was mesmerized the whole time and even smiled every now and then at our antics. We are one water loving family and I'm so glad to share "kid swim" with my boys.


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