My Baby You'll Be

There is a book called, "I'll Love You Forever" about a mommy who goes in to rock and sing to her son every night of his life on into his adulthood. The book ends with the son rocking and singing to his mommy when she is very old and ill then taking that love she poured in him and starting the new tradition of rocking and singing to his newborn daughter. As a mommy I've finally connected with this book. I thought it silly when I was younger, but now I see the love behind it. No, I won't rock and sing to my boys every night even when they are grown men, but I will cherish each and every moment with these little men.
Sometimes the noise gets loud, sometimes the questions don't end, sometimes the crying becomes overwhelming. The messes get bigger, the laundry grows higher, but the time ticks faster. This moment of rocking my baby at 3am won't exist in a few short months. The boys will get more independent and need me less and less.
I don't want to miss the ramblings of my 2 year old and his chatter about anything and questions about everything. I don't want to waste away the midnight opportunity to cuddle and rock my 6 week old or grow weary of his precious cry.
These two little human beings are some of my greatest blessings. No matter how big they get, where they go, what they do, they will always be my boys. "I'll love them forever, I'll love them for always. As long as I'm living my babies they'll be."


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