What Do You See?

I spend countless hours scrubbing it out of my clothes, off my floors, and from under little boy's fingernails. It's a nuisance. He spends countless hours digging, creating, and playing in it. He couldn't be more content. How can we have such a conflicting view on the stuff...the dirt. I guess it's all a matter of view point. My continual battle with it to vacate my living space taints my view. His non-stop thrill from it's endless forms of entertainment form his view. It makes me stop and think.
God had a pretty creative view of dirt...He used it to create a man. Maybe if everyone were a little more open to what they see in a perceived undesirable object whether it's dirt, a person, a stressful situation, etc., who knows what could be created, enjoyed, and changed. So, what do you see?


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