10 Things

10 Things they don't tell you about being a parent...

1. There will be countless times where you cannot remember the last time you brushed your teeth.

2. Pacifiers work for both parents and baby- once the baby has it you will both be pacified

3. Letting your baby fall asleep on you spoils you just as much as your baby.

4. Spit-up is your new perfume

5. Laundry loads multiply like the fish and two loaves

6. You will spend many stoplights rocking the car seat so baby thinks you are still moving- babies don't like the car to be still

7. You will look forward to nap time- yours

8. The majority of your daily conversation will be geared towards an infant who has no idea what you are saying and you will wonder if anyone can hear you carrying on a baby-talk conversation about nothing in particular

9. You will define "sleeping in" as more than three hours straight of sleep- and you will be thrilled with this

10. You will be completely enamored with your baby and not care about any of the above

Talking to my Doggie

I know how to ham it up for the camera!

Such a little man!
Cuddling with my doggie
Mommy making me take more pictures- but isn't my outfit worth it?

Nothing as precious as watching our baby sleep
Getting ready for bath time!


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