"A" is for...Crocodile?

In an attempt to gain some organization for our days and to satisfy Harrison's intense need for structure, we have officially started "school".He had observed his aunts doing their homeschool when we lived with them and has asked ever since if he could do school. The boy loves it!
He is only 2 so we are not doing anything intense or curriculum based. We just set aside a set time every morning for just Harrison and me to do "school" together. This past week was the letter "A" week. We started off learning it's short sound and later it's long sound, what "Big A" looks like and what "Little A" looks like and how to write the letter "A".
We sang a song about what the letter "A" says while Harrison banged along on pots with wooden spoons. We started identifying words that begin with "A", like apple and ants.
What better way for a boy to learn than through food? We incorporated our school into snack time this week. We made "ants on a log cracker (didn't have celery)" which Harrison could not get enough of. Not sure how much learning was going on while he was squishing peanut butter gleefully between his fingers.
We cut, colored, taped, stapled, and glued to his heart's content. He loves to make "projects" so we made our "Letter A" poster. We pasted pictures that begin with the letter "A" all around it.
His first week of "school" went great! He loved reporting to his Daddy all he learned that day. I overheard him proudly telling Matt all the things that start with the letter "A". He said, "A is for apple, ant, and crocodile!" Hmm...guess we'll keep working on that! :)


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