Sweet Torture

There are some days that the 600 miles between here and home seem even further. Those days are the hardest and are frequently accompanied by tears and wishing. I have to be thankful though that we live in this century and moving out of state is not a permanent goodbye. We are blessed that my boys get to grow up knowing about texting, Facebook, and Skype. Skype has helped us celebrate birthdays, share stories of the day, and show off new skills of these fast growing boys. It lets Grandpa blow off Harrison's hot food, and gives Papa the chance to "play cars" with him. It lets Mimi and Grandma give kisses and aunts dish out the appropriate amounts of oooh's and ahhh's. It lets us into each other's homes even if only through a screen and somehow makes those hard days seem a little brighter. Skype is sweet torture, close enough to see but not touch. I hope one day we won't need to Skype to visit with grandparents or to celebrate special events, but in the meantime it is a sweet blessing to have.


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