Do You Know Where Your Bad Attitude Is?

We have been working with Harrison on how to handle his bad attitudes. Whether the attitude comes from frustration, anger, disappointment, boredom, etc., we just needed to find a way to help Harrison overcome it. He does not get over his bad attitude easily. He tends to let things really get to him and he reacts, or overreacts, quickly...I have no idea where he may get this. Knowing Harrison's love for sports and need for physical activity, Matt came up with a great solution for Harrison's bad attitudes.. When he gets grumpy or whiny we tell him he needs to get rid of it. And he goes outside and balls up the bad attitude, or disobedience, or frustration, and throws it in the grass. Harrison then happily returns inside proclaiming his bad attitude is outside in the grass and not coming inside. He feels like a conqueror for defeating it and we are very happy to be rid of his attitude. It seems like such a simple solution, but it has challenged me. When I have a bad attitude can I throw it out as easily and thoroughly as my 2-year-old? I think there may be times when I'll be joining him in throwing it in the grass so we can get back to the giggling, laughter, and blessings of being joyful.


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