Christmas morning is infinity times better with kids.
The smallest wrapped gift releases explosive grins and giggles.
Their little hearts are just wired to be grateful and excited at the simple idea of a present.
And so the happiness of our fifth Christmas as parents, and our first Christmas as five, began with little feet running down the stairs.
Each one of those "AH!" faces lit up from stocking treats to wrapped toys.
We got the shocked stares, the mouth hung open in disbelief, the laughs, the uncontrollable giggled excitement.
There was the classic needing to get each thing out of the packaging and use for a quick picture pose right away.
There was the "How did you know I wanted this?!?" shrieks.
There was the fainting with the "too good to be true" feeling.
And their gasps, awws, oohs, and ahhs, of sheer delight just make this momma's heart want to give and give some more.
And that gets me thinking even more about our Heavenly Father, the giver of every good and perfect gift.
With all the questions my heart carries sometimes and won't get answered this side of Heaven, what I do know is this...
He delights in us, just like I do in these precious boys. How His heart must smile when He sees our joy in Him and the blessings in disguise He has for us to unwrap with each day.


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