Christmas on the Hill

With the incredible weather providing hypothermia free outdoor time, we are taking full advantage.
And since DC is all about walking, the boys are pretty happy with not worrying about frostbite as we take in our first Christmas on The Hill.
But not near as excited as seeing the word "police" on barricades. They assume this brave metal fence has seen action in its line of duty as one of DC's finest and had to pose for a picture...boys :)
We finally pulled them away from the police and headed towards the National Christmas tree where I thought we'd get a chorus of "ooohhs and ahhhhhs".
While Harrison inspected every side and angle he reported, "I just thought the Capitol Christmas tree would be much bigger, like bigger than the Capitol!"
But even his disappointment didn't seem to dim his awe for the towering lit up tree. Jefferson, my lover of all things Christmas and lights, wanted to take it home with us.
Wilson was the ever steady and stoic one, never breaking his stare. That lasted all of five minutes before he let every other tree visitor know his dinner time had arrived and he was ready to go.
Walking back around the Capitol felt a little surreal. There were no other people around anywhere and it was just the 5 of us crossing the main square out front.
Matt and I just soaked the moment in realizing this Christmas we were home, with our boys, back in Virginia.
What a blessing it has been to celebrate Jesus' birthday from our Nation's capital and finally be home for Christmas.


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