Cinnamon Is Too Spicy!

It's been a little quiet around here, that would be the blog, not the house. No, the house is not quiet at all.
The house has been going full throttle even with the fevers, ear infections, coughs, sleepless nights, and lost voices. Yep, I love my voice.
Even with my voice it's a challenge to reign in my three wildmen. Go ahead and let your imagination run with the thought of these three boys on the loose with no mom voice to provide guidance.
It was an adventure. So blogging took a backseat to my voiceless parenting and let me tell you, the "boy whisperer" will not be a parenting trend anytime soon.
But all that activity had to go somewhere and Christmas is still coming voice or not, so we dove into cinnamon ornament making; one of my favorite traditions growing up.
They did a great job following instructions I whispered to them, except they missed my soundless warning about the dough not being the kind you sneak a taste of during the rolling and cutting.
But "live and learn" is the daily mantra around here. So our fragrant "too spicy" ornaments remain safely hanging on the tree and left alone by bottomless pit little men :) 

Cinnamon Ornaments
1 1/2 Cup cinnamon
1 Cup applesauce
Mix together until soft, non sticky dough forms. Roll out on cinnmamon sprinkled board and cut with desired shapes. Punch hole with skewer and bake at 200 for 2 hours. Turn off oven and leave in to harden. I left mine in overnight. String with twine and hang :) 


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