If You Give a Kid a Virus

If a two year has a 105 temperature, you're going to need some motrin. Which will get spilled, all over the carpet and his clothes.
You're going to have to soak the medicine covered clothes before they stain and then he's going to need something to change into. He's going to want his new outfit to be an iron man costume, because he's delirious with fever.
While you console your heart broken sicky over the loss of realizing he doesn't own an Iron Man mask you hear water splashing. The sink is overflowing where you were soaking the stained clothes.
And since you had to set down the brokenhearted yet feverish child to wade through the flooded laundry room, you will now have to begin the consoling process all over again while you discover your other boy has raided the kitchen to find something to eat.
And now you have a 4 year old covered in something sticky, and the 2 year old's grief has moved on to not having any Iron Man food to eat (whatever that is.) While trying to distract, you hear the 7 month old pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree.
Once again you have to set down your aching 2 year old as you intervene in a sure Christmas tree disaster and return quickly to his side to re-restart the consoling process which is now irrationally centered around the fact that a spoon fell.
You gather all sticky, crying children and herd them to a bubble bath in hopes it will distract from all tragedies only to discover you are out of diapers while getting them dressed afterwards. And since it's all about conquering one little chaotic moment at a time, you just adapt and keep cuddling that sweet germy little man.
And while you are holding him close and he is holding onto you like you are the only thing about life he likes right now you realize he is feeling rather warm again, so you're probably going to need some more motrin.


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