Now It Feels Like Christmas

We knew the weather reports were full of ominous ice warnings, but when we woke up and it was mostly rain with a half-hearted attempt at being frozen we decided to set out on our road trip home.
In normal conditions the trek between the grandparent's house and our house is under 2 hours so we were hoping that the pretend wintery conditions would hold off.
But not 10 miles in, the roads took on a completely different appearance and just 30 minutes later ice was built up on drooping pines and highway shoulders.
Over the rest of the trip traffic didn't move above 40mph, there were no visible lane markings, and we counted 23 accidents with vehicles spun out, flipped over, or totaled,
With God's protection we made it safely home and arrived in an icy wonderland. Little boys who were dressed for a comfy ride home and most definitely not for snow weather, jumped out of the car and into the snow.
Snowballs, snow angels, writing names, icy noses, and cherry red cheeked grins were way more fun than unloading the car. We had a soaking wet blast and it was totally worth every single second.
As frozen boys thawed in a warm bubble bath and the car was unloaded, Harrison declared, "I LOVE the snow! It now feels like Christmas!"


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