I can't begin to describe the incredible world I enter into when my boys take me into their imaginative world of play.
We spend hours hiking snow covered staircases being whipped around by icy winds. Or trapped in abandon mines deep in the dark recesses behind couches.
Or sword fighting masked villains raiding our table top castle and stacking chairs to create our defense wall.
But as much as I love engaging in the battles, exploring, conquering, and discoveries, one of my all time favorites is to quietly watch.
So call me an intruder but I love peeking around corners to catch these mighty men in action, lost in a world of their making.
To be a spectator of their imaginations is a treasured moment of my day. I soak in their excitement, passion, and beliefs in secret foes and elements surrounding them.
When bills and budgets and war and tragedy holler non stop from reality, it sure is a treasured escape to stand watch and witness the secret world of excitement and play of these wild imaginations.


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