I Got Punched and it was Awesome

You read that right, today Harrison punched me. But before you wonder why in the world I'm posting about it, let me fill in the details...
This kid is becoming quite the independent man. He is on a new kick to be able to "fix stuff to eat all by myself".
While he's not fond of my overseeing his scrambled egg making or stand mixer operation, I will say he is growing pretty competent with his skills.
So today he climbed up to the microwave, punched in the buttons, and produced a warm mug of hot chocolate in seconds.
I stood by and observed the procedure. After his first victorious taste I cheered and applauded his achievement. He leaned in for a bashful side hug before looking up at me with a goofy grin.
He balled his little fist and punched me across the arm in a playful jab, "Aww, thanks Mom. You taught me."  See, in male world I just got a high form of approval and affection; and that's why getting punched today was awesome!


  1. That is awesome! I love that little man and I can NOT believe how fast he is growing!!! Cant we just freeze the time?!


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