Mr. Jefferson at 17 Months

Jeff, you are a class all your own. You appear quiet and shy, but that's your facade for your sly, mischievous ways. You are bubbly, friendly, feisty, and not about to let anyone (aka Harrison) walk over you. In fact we loving refer to your protests as "attack of the pterodactyl" or the "return of the ring wraiths".
At 17 months old you are just under 26lbs and already wearing a lot of 2T clothes. You are a little linebacker and have an appetite to match! Though you believe you can survive completely off "fiss" (goldfish crackers) and chicken nuggets you aren't one to turn down food in general. You love everything from spicy salsa to miso soup.
You love making people laugh and will do just about anything to conjure up cheers and smiles including slamming into walls and jumping off stairs. You are pretty sure you are as big as your brother so you do your best to keep up with him and his friends by joining in wrestling matches and daredevil stunts.
You love reading books, throwing anything you can heft, playing any non-age appropriate toy, and sneaking in the occasional cuddle time. You are sneaky sweet, stealing kisses then stealing food off our plates, and we love you for every bit of the character you are! You are an incredible man in the making and we love you Jefferson!


  1. Ahah...that tongue...! Love you lil mister!


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