Lessons With Harrison

On: Pharaoh v. Moses
When the bad guy wouldn't let the good guys' people go, God sent some flax (plagues) on all the bad guys. He turned water to blood, animals died, there were tons of frogs, and bees, and huge crocodiles came out of the water and tried to eat all the bad guys.
On: How Babies are Born
You just go to store when your tummy is huge and take it (the baby) off a shelf and put it in your cart to buy.
On: Jesus' Birthday
You gotta have a party on your birthday, so we should have a party for Jesus, and of course there should be cake...a big one...a chockwhat one! And Jesus needs presents. Since He's so big and the most powerful one ever He needs big presents...like a house or a car! And I want to give him my heart, but how do I just open up my tummy and get it out for Him?


  1. Laughing out loud! I just love the things that these little guys come out with. :)


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