20 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy this week
How Far Along: 20 weeks (I promise I'm really not trying to skip every other week)
Size of Baby: about 10.5 oz and the length of a banana; though a week and half ago at our ultrasound he was already 11oz and over 6" long. As the tech said, "You've got a big boy!"
Weight Gain: About 5lbs
Maternity Clothes: Not yet
Gender: Boy! Wilson Tyler Clark
Movement: He gets more active when he hears his brothers being loud and crazy...already trying to get in on the action. He also kicks a ton more when he hears Matt talking.
Cravings: Fruit of any kind, rainbow sherbet icecream at night, and still can't beat a good turkey sandwich
Symptoms: Nothing really...still feeling pretty good. Halfway there!
Best Moment of the Week: Last week's best moment was getting to "see" our Wilson for the first time and watch him try to suck his thumb and toes. The boys had a blast watching him on the screen as well and tried to copy his movements :) This week, Matt got to feel him kick for the first time which, as he says, "Never gets old."


  1. Love Matt's thoughts on babies kicking. So sweet. I think Billy likes feeling the babies kick even more than I do...if that's possible. He used to just sit with his hands on my belly at night waiting for it. So glad to hear you are both doing well! :)


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