Merry and Bright

I can't begin to count the times Matt and I have looked at each other over the past few weeks and said something to the effect of, "Christmas is so much more fun with kids!"
Their contagious excitement for all things twinkling and shiny, wrapped and bowed, iced and sprinkled has captured us in a whole new way.
Though we may have said some things like, "The Christmas tree is not a sword fighting partner...ornaments are not baseballs...don't use the Christmas tree lights for a you can't live on milk and cookies no matter how good an idea you think it is..."it only just adds to the hilarity and memories.
I've got 24 more days ahead of pure enjoyment with these little guys soaking in the wonder of all things Christmas...parades, movie nights, cookie baking, wrapping, caroling, decorating, and hot chocolate sipping memories still to come.
The weeks ahead will be full of old and new traditions, candy cane sticky fingers, thousands of pictures, maybe a few more broken ornaments, and present peeking. With my two, and very soon three, little men running around pumped with sugar and joy, I'm sure every day will be full of all things merry and bright.


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