It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Chaos

This Christmas has been filled with way more anticipation and excitement than years past and a lot of that has to do with Harrison being older and with Jefferson picking up on his hyper joy.
So with two giddy boys we've set out to take our fill of tacky Christmas lights, marshmallow overloaded hot chocolate, nightly Christmas movies, and every kids favorite Christmas pastime...cookie decorating.
We pulled out the sprinkles and icing, baked a huge batch of sugar cookie cut outs and let them at it. They painted with colored glazes, sprinkled and dumped, tasted and tasted some more. I'm pretty sure more were eaten than decorated.
We came out on the other side sticky, stained, hyper, and happy. The boys were thrilled with their cookie creations and bouncing off the walls (literally) from sugar overload.
I've noticed this year the baking takes longer, the messes are bigger, and the kitchen stays messier. But the memories are sweeter, the joy is more contagious, and the goodies we create taste so much better than ever before and I'm pretty sure I owe that to my two hyper-on-Christmas boys:)


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