Christmas Interview with Harrison

What were the gifts the Wisemen bought Jesus? Murse, treasure and simpersense
Where was Jesus born? In a manger
What is one present you want most? The Millenium Falcon, the real one!
What present do you want to get Jeff? A real dog so we can share him!
What is your favorite part of Christmas so far? Football! Oh and putting lights and stuff on our tree.
What is your favorite Christmas song? Awise Naninod (Feliz Navidad)
What is your favorite Christmas treat to eat? The sprinkles and icing we used on our cookies we decorated!
What is your favorite Christmas movie? The Grinch and the Silly Guy Movie (Elf)
What's the real meaning of Christmas? Baby Jesus came out of Mary's tummy and grew up to die for my sins on the cross. But He's not still dead, He's alive!


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