Twenty-Four Hours

"Mommy, you should go check on Jeffrun," Harrison told me when I got him up from bed. I told him Jefferson was sleeping. He hadn't been feeling well, let's let him sleep. Yet Harrison insisted I go get "Jeffrun" up too.
I'm glad I listened. Jefferson was gasping for breath in his crib. He was listless and hot with fever. He would not open his eyes or interact. Jeff had been diagnosed with RSV the day before, but had gone downhill quick.
Jefferson had now become dehydrated and was going to be admitted to a children's hospital if things didn't turn around soon. We prayed, family prayed, friends prayed...and God! Twenty-four hours ago Jeff was gasping for air, listless, and moaning. Twenty-four hours ago he was feverish, dehydrated, and hospital bound.
But today our happy guy is smiling, laughing, talking, and playing. He is spitting out his tongue to blow raspberries, he is batting at his brother, and he is throwing his cup across the room like a pro-ball pitcher. He is our testimony that God sees further than twenty-four hours and we thank Him for that!


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