Baby IQ

Don't let anyone tell you babies don't understand, are too young to communicate, or have to be older to get what's happening. After two of these little guys I can tell you all the above are false.
The slobber, chubby cheeks, and impish grins are just a ploy. These little people are brilliant. One look into Jefferson's eyes and you can just tell his creative mind is at work making a plan to carry out in his favor.
This guy has no problem getting his point across, whether he wants to be cuddled, let loose, or devour his own Venti Frappaccino. He calculates and executes his attacks on eye glasses, ponytails, and plates of food better than any special ops team.
He has no problem communicating his issues with the word "no" and is starting to get that we aren't changing our minds on using it. But he has a "Plan B" for anytime he senses our displeasure. With a heart melting grin and a sloppy kiss on the cheek, this brilliant master mind is released from all ire.


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