Cheap Entertainment

Some of my best playtime memories involve a large cardboard box. Dad would cut out doors and windows and Mom would arm us with fistfuls markers and crayons.
Our creativity would take us hours into a make believe world. We made the best houses, covered wagons, and carriages. I was so excited when we got a large box and I told Harrison to go at it.
But, let me tell you...boys do not make houses from cardboard boxes, nor do they draw cute little pictures on the inner walls. Nope, within minutes the box had been a space ship, an armored tank, and then a charging bear.
The poor corrugated walls were reduced to ruins as my line backer in training tackled it to the ground. My ideas to construct a fort were dismissed in favor of designating it a crash landing site for blind leaps off the couch.
So, we may not be hiding out in any cardboard forts around here, but I don't think my little man could have had more fun as he wrestled, tackled, and conquered that box. Sure was great entertainment...for both of us.


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