On Repeat

Do you want to know the one word kids say over and over. It's not what you're thinking. Before kids I thought the word of choice was "No!" I had heard it screamed by tiny humans while learning social injustices before and I just assumed that was all 2 year olds knew how to say.
Harrison broke that expectation for me. Not that he doesn't use the word "no", but there is another word, one that won't quit and keeps coming over and over, no matter what you say, how you answer, or where you hide...yes, I've tried to hide, don't judge.
It's the word "why?" Harrison follows every sentence, every statement, every spoken thought with "Why?" Nothing is safe from the question. Time for lunch...why? Because it's the time of day we eat lunch...why? Because our bodies need food...why? Because that's the way God made us....why? And then I say it...the mother of all mother sayings. It pops out before I catch it and I realize I'm a mom. "Because I said so; that's why."


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