Two hyper boys and 20 degree temps don't mix very well. I mean I could head outdoors with them but that would only kill maybe five minutes before hypothermia set in.
Ok, so maybe that is a tad bit of an exaggeration, but when you aren't a big fan of cold weather anything cooler than 60 can cause frostbite, at least in my mind.
So thanks to Pinterest and robbing the creativity of other moms, I succeeded in not only occupying both boys for a few hours, but two whole days.
Our masking tape highway went over rough terrain, up mountains, and down cliff sides. Much to Harrison's chagrin it did not go through any rivers or lakes.
Each boy had fistfuls of matchbox cars and enough car noises to rival a NASCAR race day. Watching my two little men drive cars cars together is totally worth any biting winter weather outside.


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